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Not My Kid Syndrome: Teenage drug use

Not My Kid Syndrome is a real thing. I saw it as a youth pastor many times. I struggle with it personally as a parent. Unfortunately, the belief that it’s, “not my kid” can have tragic consequences. Some of my thoughts on the topic.

Unintentional Fame: Parenting after Stoneman Douglas

Following the shooting at Stoneman Douglas in Florida, many of the teenage survivors have found themselves unintentionally famous. As a parent and former youth pastor, I wonder how I would oversee that kind of situation for my kids. How would you regulate your child’s recovery, fame, and desire to change the world?

A Response to Gun Violence

After yet another school shooting in the United States, we are forced to come to grips with the frequency of gun violence in our country. It’s time to start changing our positions on guns. I’ll start. Will you consider changing your position? Share your thoughts.

Parenting in a Nassar World

USA Olympics team doctor Larry Nassar assaulted hundreds of athletes over many years. This fundamentally impacts how we as parents have to think about protecting our children around some of the people we think we can trust the most.

Wandering in the Wilderness

It’s been four years since I last published a blog post online. The last 3 years have felt at times like wandering in the wilderness. I love writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas. This is a step toward doing that publicly again. Read more.